YritysTulkki – Business Translator

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Yritystulkki is an online service that is aimed at new enterprises and the ones that are already operating. It offers guidance for planning a business, different form models and calculation programmes for independent business planning.


In Yritystulkki you will find basic information about entrepreneurship. With clear guidance, good advice and practical tools you can develop your business or start a new one. With the calculation programmes you can manage and plan your company´s economy and investments. Forms and contract models help you in taking care of everyday routines and business contacts. Moreover, in Yritystulkki you can find workbooks for independent management of marketing and sales. Yritystulkki is suitable for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. It is also suitable for educational use.

Kideve offers Yritystulkki for the enterprises in the area free-of-charge.