Kideve Kittilä Development is a public utility of industry and commerce in the municipality of Kittilä. Kideve develops the region and its economic life by realising EU-funded developmental projects in cooperation with the entrepreneurs of the region. Furthermore, information about entrepreneurship and business services for enterprises in Kittilä is offered by Kideve as well as guidance for entrepreneurs and those who intend to become entrepreneurs.

The idea behind activity
The task of Kideve is to enhance the competitiveness of the region and to develop Kittilä area. In this undertaking Kideve utilizes outside EU-funding in an effective manner.

Kideve activity

The activity area of Kideve is Kittilä, a vibrant municipality in Mountain Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. Internationality plays an important role in the economic life of the municipality. Finland’s biggest year-round free-time activity centre Levi and one of Europe’s largest gold mines are forerunners in the development of local economy. During the last few years there have been investments in Kittilä worth hundreds of millions of Euros. The municipality is a home for six thousand inhabitants, and it offers a good environment for inhabitants, companies and tourists. The advantages of Kittilä include central location, versatile services, good connections and magnificent nature.

This is how Kideve works

  • Kideve offers information – common body of information, Kideve internet pages and other material. Current issuea that interest local businesses are informed of in meetings, e-mails and internet pages.
  • Kideve utilizes funding – the optimal utilization of EU-funding opportunities in projects that are targeted towards companies and local development.
  • Kideve advances networking – local enterprises are encouraged in networking and creating forms of collaboration.
  • Kideve finds synergetic advantages in developmental work – cooperating tightly with local lines of businesses and other organizations that develope economy.
  • Kideve offers information about Kittilä region locally and wider.